GAS Insulated Switchgears

Gas Insulated Switchgears manufactured 1 kv – 40.5 kV voltage level in accordance with IEC 62271-200 standards.

General Features:

  • Switching equipment’s are inside the stainless steel tank with SF6 Gas
  • Extensibility is available with selected rmu type
  • Min space requirement for installation
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocking system to avoid wrong operations
  • Internal Arc tested design
  • Type tested grounding systems are used
  • Easy transportation and storage
RMU Technical Features
Insulation SF6 Gas
Partition class PM
Internal Arc Classification IAC AFL
Rated Voltage 1…40.5 kV
Rated power frequency withstand voltage up to 95 kV
Rated Lighting Impulse withstand voltage 60…185 kV
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Current 200…1250 A
Rated short circuit current 12,5/16/20/21/25kA (1s -3s)
Rated internal arc current 16/20 kA (1s)