Powerhouse Type


Powerhouse substations are the most important distribution systems for emergency purposes which offer maximum mobility, flexibility, and fast plug-and-play energizing solutions to ensure maximum service continuity in the electricity network.

LMZ Powerhouse is designed, manufactured, installed, and tested with single-source responsibility offers safety and plug and play operation, cost-saving and time efficiency besides service continuity. When needed, Powerhouse can be easily transported and energized to solve the following emergency and temporary situations;

    ♦ Temporary Service During Construction of New Substations

    ♦ Maintenance and Repairing or any Fail of Existing Substations

    ♦ Increase the Power in case of Power Shortage of Existing Substations

Powerhouse structure completely different from Sandwich panel container or container with welded profile. LMZ use special mechanical design and manufacturing technics by using Galvanized, Aluzinc or Alu Sheets without welding.

Powerhouse manufactured in various configurations to suit the available space and are suitable for use on oil and gas sector, industrial, commercial and resident complexes sites. It’s equipped with several modules as below;

    ♦ Different type of MV switchgears

    ♦ Different type of LV panels

    ♦ Different type of transformers

    ♦ Industrial UPS

    ♦ Battery and charger systems

    ♦ Power management systems (PMS)

    ♦ Variable Frequency driver (VFD)

    ♦ HVAC systems

    ♦ Fire alarm and extinguisher systems

    ♦ ATEX equipment

    ♦ Earthing systems