HV/MV Mobile Substations

Mobile substations are most important emergency systems that offer maximum mobility, flexibility and fast plug and play energizing solutions to ensure maximum service continuity in electricity network.


LMZ Mobile Substations designed, manufactured, installed and tested with single source responsibility offers safety and plug and play operation, cost saving and time efficiency beside service continuity.


Mobile Substations can be easily transported and energized in case of emergency and temporary situations as below;


     ♦ Temporary Service During Construction of New Substations

     ♦ Maintenance and Repairing or any Fail of Existing Substations

     ♦ Increase the Power in case of Power Shortage of Existing Substations

     ♦ HV/MV


Mobile Substations are produced below rates with customized solutions:


     ♦ Primary voltage : Between 52 ‐ 245 kV

     ♦ Secondary voltage : Between 1 ‐52 kV

     ♦ Power : Up to 100 MVA