Low Voltage Panels

LMZ finds a proper solution by analyzing customer demands and budgets in accordance with aiming to ensure customer satisfaction by using well-known first-class switching equipment and panel frames under LMZ Label and also suppling Schneider, ABB, and Siemens Panel solutions.

     ♦ Main distribution boards

     ♦ Sub main distribution boards

     ♦ Final distribution boards

     ♦ Starters control panels

     ♦ Motor control centres

     ♦ Automatic transfer switches

     ♦ Industrial plant control panels

     ♦ Building management systems panels

     ♦ Plc based controls

     ♦ Synchronizing control panels

     ♦ Feeder pillars

     ♦ Street lighting control panels

     ♦ Capacitor banks

     ♦ Capacitor banks with harmonic filters

     ♦ Active filters

     ♦ Meter cabinets

     ♦ Grp panels

     ♦ Prisma PLUS P

     ♦ Prisma PLUS G

     ♦ System solutions

     ♦ ArTu M

     ♦ ArTu K

     ♦ System solutions

     ♦ SIVACON S8

     ♦ SIVACON S4


     ♦ SICUBE 8MT

     ♦ System solutions