Low Voltage Panels

LMZ find proper solution by analyzing customer demands and budgeds accordance with aiming to ensure customer satisfaction with using well known first class switching equipments and panel frames under LMZ Label and also suppling Schneider, ABB and Siemens Panel solutions.

     ♦ Main distribution boards

     ♦ Sub main distribution boards

     ♦ Final distribution boards

     ♦ Starters control panels

     ♦ Motor control centres

     ♦ Automatic transfer switches

     ♦ Industrial plant control panels

     ♦ Building management systems panels

     ♦ Plc based controls

     ♦ Synchronizing control panels

     ♦ Feeder pillars

     ♦ Street lighting control panels

     ♦ Capacitor banks

     ♦ Capacitor banks with harmonic filters

     ♦ Active filters

     ♦ Meter cabinets

     ♦ Grp panels

     ♦ Prisma PLUS P

     ♦ Prisma PLUS G

     ♦ System solutions

     ♦ ArTu M

     ♦ ArTu K

     ♦ System solutions

     ♦ SIVACON S8

     ♦ SIVACON S4


     ♦ SICUBE 8MT

     ♦ System solutions