Power Quality


 Energy Storage Substations

The Energy storage system can be used for frequency modulation and peak regulation with both a grid-connected operation mode and an off-grid operation mode which can realize peak-cutting valley filling, reactive control, and off-grid emergency power supply.


     ♦ Networked systems play role in reducing power fluctuations in new energy generation and increasing the proportion of new energy access.
     ♦ Dynamically compensate reactive power and harmonics of the distribution network to improve power quality.
     ♦ Reduce network loss and improve the reliability of load power consumption.
     ♦ Independent system power is absorbed locally, saving grind investment and improving new energy utilization rate.
     ♦ Energy storage and power-type charge and discharge technology (batteries, supercapacitors, etc.)
     ♦ The system changes current in both directions, accepts the higher-level instructions, and switches off in an off-grid manner.
     ♦ The monitoring system under the full digital control can view the operating status information of energy-storage converter, and has diagnostic and reset functions, which can realize unattended operation and fully automatic operation;
     ♦ Maintain power balance, cut peaks and fill valleys, and archive frequency modulation and peak shaving in parallel with multiple machines.


               HV Capacitor Banks                              MV Capacitor Banks


                   Mobile Capacitor Bank and Mobile Reactor Solutions


                               Mobile Capacitor Bank with Contactor

Capacitor Banks

LMZ has proper solutions for different HV, MV, LV, fixed and automatically switched capacitors for power factor correction and harmonic reduction, active filtering equipment, and line/load reactors for a specific line and load applications.

Special project studies are carried out to ensure easy adaptation to the existing facility.

It is designed according to current standards. Thanks to the advantages of its design, maintenance costs are low.

It is produced in fixed & mobile types considering the usage conditions.

     ♦ Fixed Capacitors

     ♦ Automatically Switched Capacitors

     ♦ Non-Linear Load Applications

     ♦ Active filtering

     ♦ Harmonic filters

     ♦ Mobile capacitor banks

     ♦ Mobile Reactors

     ♦ LV Capacitor Bank panel Solutions